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May 31, 2013: El Reno 2.6 mile wide EF5 tornado - New record for widest tornado in history!

Jim Bishop and Jesse Duncan capture dramatic video of the El Reno tornado from very close range on I-40 just east of El Reno. The video shows the tornado as it grows to a record 2.6 miles wide.

May 31, 2013: Intense moments from a dash cam as a satellite tornado crosses I-40 east of El Reno.

As Jim Bishop and Jesse Duncan drive away from the 2.6 mile wide EF5 El Reno tornado on I-40, the dash cam captures some VERY intense moments as a satellite tornado crosses I-40.
May 19, 2013: Edmond, Carney and Shawnee, Oklahoma violent tornadoes.

Jim Bishop documents three tornadoes across central Oklahoma. He chased with Simon Brewer and Juston Drake (in a separate vehicle), along with Mechel Winn-Reed (Juston's sister) who came along for the ride. At one point the chasers were within a mile or less to the north of a wedge tornado near Carney, OK. Afterwards they dove south and documented a violent tornado near Shawnee/Dale Oklahoma.
May 18, 2013: Rozel, KS EF4 tornado.

Jim Bishop (along with Simon Brewer and Juston Drake in another vehicle), witnessed an EF4 tornado near Rozel, KS. Jim was chasing in a vehicle by himself and also witnessed a second tornado west of Larned, KS.
Jim Bishop, Reed Timmer and a friend continue chasing the Manchester, South Dakota tornado on June 24, 2003. The tornado demolishes a house on the western edge of Manchester. But luckily, the house turned out to be abandoned and nobody was hurt. The tornado continues on and the chasers stayed on it for several more minutes as it moves into farmland north of Manchester.
Jim Bishop, Reed Timmer and a friend continue their chase on June 24, 2003 in South Dakota. This video shows the chasers witnessing the maturing stages of the infamous Manchester tornado. Watch as Jim put the car in reverse, Reed screams "back up!", and the tornado crosses the road only a matter of yards in front of the chasers.
Jim Bishop, Reed Timmer and a friend continue their chase on June 24, 2003 in South Dakota. This video shows the chasers witnessing the beginning stages of the infamous Manchester tornado.

June 24, 2003: Woonsocket, South Dakota tornado -- rated F3.

Jim Bishop and Reed Timmer chase the first tornado of several they witnessed on this day. It ended up bing the biggest tornado outbreak in South Dakota history.

May 10, 2010 Oklahoma and Kansas Tornadoes. The video begins with tornadoes just southwest of Wakita, Oklahoma. The second part shows a wedge tornado in Arkansas City, KS. Jim & Maryleigh Bishop, and Sarah & Jesse Duncan were the chasers on this day. Jim Bishop was shooting the footage.
November 12, 2005: Jim Bishop and Mark Mcgowan see a F2 tornado go through Gilbert, Iowa. This is up close and rare footage of a destructive November tornado in Iowa. This is video part 1 of 3.
November 12, 2005: Gilber, Iowa tornado video part 2.
November 12, 2005: Gilber, Iowa tornado video part 3. Watch as power lines explode less than 200 yards from where Jim Bishop is shooting video. This is a must see.
Saint Jo, Texas Tornado captured on March 26, 2009! Large cone-shaped tornado south of Highway 82 west of Saint Jo, TX.

The video to the right is the premier highlight tornado/storm video reel! There are more than eight minutes of intense tornado and storm video! This is a must see!

Video on the right shows a weak multiple vortex tornado documented between Buhler and Hesston, KS on March 7th, 2009.


Check out the violent F4 Pitcher, OK Tornado Footage from May 10th, 2008!


Watch insane tornado video from May 15th, 2003: Team Stormgasm caught two monster tornadoes from the same supercell simultaneously on the ground! DOW crews measured F4 wind speeds in one of these monster twisters!

Unbelievable Nighttime footage of an F3 tornado ripping through northern OKC! Check out this incredible tornado video from May 9th, 2003.

Monster Wedge! This video from May 4th, 2003 shows the life of a violent tornado that created havoc from southeastern Kansas to southwestern Missouri. This tornado was officially rated a 'high-end' F4, but according to damage should possibly be an F5. Watch this intense video!

Watch on the edge of your seat as an F4 tornado rips through Moore and Oklahoma City, OK. The General Motors Plant across the bridge from the stormchaser get ripped apart! Listen to the violent roar of the tornado as it passes yards from the stormchaser.

This is a classic storm chase: the Muskogee, OK tornado from May 1, 2003. This tornado was wrapped in rain most of its life only to destroy a mobile home at the end of its rope-out-stage.








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