*All video clips are much lower quality than the actual raw footage available for production
*Most video clips are designed to be viewed using Windows Media Player

New! 2007 and 2006 Videos (available in High Definition Video)

*All 2007 and 2006 Footage Shot in HDV*

*HD Video *June 6th, 2007; South Dakota Tornado

Simon captures rare tornado over the Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota.

*HD Video *May 4th, 2007; Arnett, OK Tornado

Simon captures beautiful tornado, which passes near the town of Arnett, OK. Watch the storm chaser intercept a strong elephant trunk tornado over open country in northwestern Oklahoma.

*HD Video *April 24th, 2007; Southcentral Kansas Tornadoes

Simon captures a tornado outbreak in Southcentral Kansas. Watch the storm chaser intercept 4tornadoes on this remarkable day.

*HD Video *April 23rd, 2007; Protection, KS Tornadoes

Simon captures 4 tornadoes near Protection, KS. Watch the storm chaser intercept a strong cone tornado as it passes west of Protection, KS. Watch as chasers tape a big multi-vortex tornado develop near dark.

*HD Video *April 13th, 2007; Fort Worth, TX Tornado

Simon captures rare tornado in the highly populated city of Fort Worth, TX! Watch as this bowl tornado develops and passes directly over an major interstate highway.

*HD Video *March 23rd, 2007; Tatum, NM Tornadoes

Simon captures 2 tornadoes in the eastern plains of New Mexico. Watch as the tornadoes develop among the cacti and yucca plants

*HD Video *October 26th, 2006; Southwest Kansas Tornadoes

Simon captures rare cold-core tornado outbreak in Southwestern Kansas. Watch the storm chaser intercept 7 tornadoes on this remarkable day. Simon documented 3 tornadoes on the ground at one time.

Download low quality sample clip (~9.7 mb) -full video is much longer

*HD Video *September 21st, 2006; Russell, KS Tornadoes

Simon captures beautiful tornado, which damages the town of Russell, KS. Watch the storm chaser intercept a strong cone tornado as it passes through the west side of Russell, KS. Simon documented 2 tornadoes and numerous funnel clouds on this day in North Central Kansas.

Download low quality sample clip (~6 mb) -full video is much longer

*HD Video *September 16th, 2006; Eastern South Dakota Tornadoes

Jim and Simon capture 2 tornadoes in Eastern South Dakota. Watch as a tornado destroys a barn about a mile south of the chasers.

Download low quality sample clip (~6 mb) -full video is much longer

*HD Video *August 24th, 2006; Nicollet/Kasota, MN Tornadoes

Simon captures beautiful and deadly violent tornado that damages the town of Nicollet, MN and then destroys the town of Kasota, MN. Watch the chasers intercept a violent cone tornado transform into a wedge. The chasers have a close encounter with this tornado as it moves through the town of Nicollet.

Download low quality sample clip (~7 mb) -full video is much longer

*HD Video *April 24th, 2006; El Reno, OK Tornadoes

Simon captures beautiful two backlit tornadoes near El Reno,OK. Watch the chasers intercept a gorgeous cone tornado develop, mature, and die at close range. A second anticyclonic tornado then develops southwest of the chasers; watch the evolution of this tornado from birth to death.

Download low quality sample clip (~8.5 mb) -full video is much longer

*HD Video * April 16th, 2006; Easter Sunday Tornado Outbreak

April 16th, 2006, Easter Sunday: Simon caught 5 tornadoes across central and eastern Illinois! Instead of hunting for eggs Simon was hunting for tornadeos and caught a beast.

Download low quality sample clip (971 KB) -full video is much longer

*Intense* November 12, 2005 Gilbert, Iowa Tornado

Jim shoots video only a few hundred yards from a violent tornado in Gilbert Iowa during the largest November tornado outbreak in Iowa history. Watch as the tornado tracks across a field right in front of Jim. See power flashes as the torando strikes a series of power poles and watch debris fly through the air. The sound of the tornado is awesome!

Download low quality sample clip (~10 mb) -full video is much longer

June 12, 2005 Texas Tornado

Just a short preview to a great Texas tornado chase.

Download Sample Clip (1.47mb, 0:57 min)

June 11, 2005 Wayside,TX Tornado

Large dark cone tornado tears up powerlines near Wayside,TX.

Download Sample Clip (1.47mb, 0:57 min)

June 29, 2005 Minnesota

Just a short preview to a great Texas tornado chase.

Download Sample Clip (1.47mb, 0:57 min)

June 9, 2005 Northwest Kansas Tornadoes

Watch Simon track several large and violent tornadoes across Northwest Kansas.

Download Sample Clip (3.03mb, 1:31 min)

***Intense, Dramatic, Incredible! May 22 Wilber, NE***

This video has never been seen on television. Watch these chasers take cover for their lives as a tornado is bearing down on them. They take refuge in a building and see tornadic winds coming for them. Suddenly, the tornado strikes and the front of the building collapses right before their eyes!! The destruction of the building is clearly captured on video. Amazingly, these chasers were not seriously injured.

Download sample clip (0:27 min, .7 mb)

May 22, 2004 Wilber, Nebraska- Tornado Size Record

This video has never been seen on television. Watch Stormgasm capture video of a 2.5 mile wide tornado. It starts off as a stovepipe, and rapidly gets wider and wider. This is actual video of the largest tornado that has ever been recorded.

Download Sample Clip (01:24 min, 2.28mb)

May 16, 2004 Amelia, Nebraska Tornado

Watch as chasers park themselves in the path of a developing tornado. The tornado emerges from the rain and takes on a classic cone appearance. The large wall cloud rotates violently as the elusive tornado gets closer to the chasers. Watch as they run to the car and drive out of the tornado's path. The videographer hangs out the window to shoot video as the tornado crosses the road behind them! Almost all of this footage is exclusive.

Download Video Clip (1.8mb, 65 seconds) Windows Media Format .WMV

June 12th, 2004; Rock, KS Tornadoes

This video has never been seen on television. Watch Stormgasm capture 2 tornadoes near Rock, KS as the sunsets.


June 11th, 2004; Central Iowa Tornadoes

Beautiful footage of 2 tornadoes in Central Iowa. Watch a tornado develop directly in front of storm chasers turning the funnel bright orange as the sun sets.

May 12, 2004 Kansas Tornadoes

This is an exciting video filled with eight tornadoes covering all shapes and sizes. Watch as a classic Kansas twister roams over open farmland for more than ten minutes. See two funnel clouds directly over the head of the storm chases connect to form a very rare funnel! Witness the intensity of a large wedge tornado growing in size and intensity less than a mile from the chasers. See tornadoes at night eluminated by power flashes.

Download Video Clip (2.3 mb, 82 seconds) Windows Media Format .WMV

June 24, 2003 South Dakota Tornadoes-Manchester Wedge

This video features 6 tornadoes including dramatic, graceful, and intense footage. The picture to the left is the 1/2 mile F4 that destroyed the town of Manchester. This video is the ultimate in intense, close, and dramatic tornado footage. The tornado gets too close, forcing the chasers to drive backwards! Then, right before their eyes, an abandoned house is destroyed by the large beast. Sample clip 2 shows what you see in the picture.

June 24 promo 1:18 min 2mb | Manchester Wedge Clip 0:36 min 10.8mb

June 24, 2003 Woonsocket, South Dakota Tornado

This is video of the classic looking tornado. It is very photogenic and violent. When people think of a tornado, this "type" tornado is what comes to mind.

Sample Clip 0:43 min 8.6 mb

May 8, 2003 Moore/OKC, Oklahoma Tornado

Brace yourself for the only known video of this F4 tornado as it crosses I-240 and rips apart the General Motors plant in Oklahoma City! As Simon is pelted with debris and 80 mph winds, he is forced to run from the tornado as a final blast of wind nearly blows his vehicle on top of him!

Low quality clip: 0:21 min 0.6mb | Better quality clip: 0:31 min 5mb (AVI file)

May 15, 2003 Stratford, TX Double Tornado

Hold on for the unexpected as Simon and Jim capture two tornadoes at the same time! The first tornado takes on an amazing multiple vortex structure while a large, dark wedge rages on just to the north.

Sample clip: 0:47 min 1.3mb

May 4, 2003 Girard/Franklin, KS Wedge

This video shows the impact of a high-end F4 tornado that tears through two small towns in Kansas. Jim and Simon get within a couple hundred yards of this 3/4-1 mile wide beast! Photo shows tornado at an earlier stage.

Parts shown on: 2003 Tornado Highlight Promo (2.3mb 1:33 min)

April 5, 2003 Apermont, TX

A beautiful, photogenic cone tornado touches down on the open country of northwest Texas. Listen to the excitement of the chasers. Watch dirt and dibris rap around the tornado as its shape and size change over a ten minute period.

Sample clip 0:26 min 0.7mb

May 16, 2003 Prague, OK

This graceful looking tornado destroys a barn and damaged several houses on the east side of Prague, Oklahoma. It takes on several appearances including: a grey cone, a grey stovepipe, a ghostly white stovepipe, and a skinny-ghostly white cone.

May 1, 2003 Muskogee, OK

The tornado goes through an impressive rope stage and destroys a mobile home while dissipating.

Parts shown on: 2003 Tornado Highlight Promo (2.3mb 1:33 min)

May 5, 2002 Texas Panhandle

Simon and Tom chase down this impressive tornado over the open country of the Texas Panhandle. Watch as they parallel this stove pipe shaped tornado along the road, and witness its rope stage.

Sample clip 0.2mb 0:07 min

Gustnado Footage

September 18, 2002 Southern Kansas

Simon and Jim are paralleling an intensifying gustnado. Suddenly, the gustnado rapidly intensifies, and accelerates towards the road! Watch as they drive directly into this massive beast!

Sample clip 0:10 min 0.2mb

*Incredible* Hurricane Rita Footage September 24, 2005 Orange, TX

September 24, 2005 Simon Brewer captures the landfall of a strong Catagory 3 Hurricane Rita along the eastern Texas coast in the City of Orange, TX. Watch as hurricane chasers do critical first aid on security guard!

Download low quality sample clip (841 KB)

*Incredible* Hurricane Katrina Footage August 29, 2005 Slidell, LA

August 29, 2005 Simon Brewer captured the wrath of Hurricane Katrina as it made landfall devastating Mississippi and Louisiana. Simon experiences 130+mph winds, measures 930mb in the calm eye, and captures 25 foot storm surge in Slidell, LA.

Download low quality sample clip (1.4 MB) -clip is mixed with Hurricane Rita footage

*Incredible* Hurricane Dennis Footage July 10, 2005 Pace, Florida

On July 10, 2005 Simon captured the only known video inside the eye of Hurricane Dennis in Pace, Florida along with video of the strongest sustained winds. He experienced 115-120 mph sustained winds.

Download low quality sample clip (6 mb) Medium quality video clip (16 mb)

Tornado Footage
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