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Media Outlets: Interviews will be available via cell phone before, during, and after major weather events.

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Mark McGowen
Aaron Ruppert
Cory Rundquist
Shawn Maroney
Anna Morrell
MaryLeigh Bishop
Jason Brown

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Lela (Knight) Davis
Sarah Jones
Eric Nguyen
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Chris Taylor
Ryan Barnes
Kyle Mozley


The Chase Team was built in the spring of 2001 by Jim Bishop. The website originally existed so that Simon, Tom and Jim could share their storm chasing pictures with the world. still exists to share pictures, videos, and stories with the world, but the website has also become a tool to aid education, scientific research, mass media, and production companies around the world. Over the years the site has grown into a vast collection of photos and videos capturing nearly every aspect of atmospheric violence and beauty.

All the Stormgasm chasers (Jim Bishop, Tom Santillo, Simon Brewer, Mark McGowen, Juston Drake, Shawn Maroney, Lela (Knight) Davis, Aaron Ruppert, Sarah Jones, Anna Morrell, MaryLeigh Bishop, Cory Rundquist, Jason Brown, Kyle Mozley, Ryan Barnes, Chris Taylor, Eric Nguyen, and Reed Timmer) have contributed to the content on this website. They are able to drive deep into Texas and Mexico and north into the Dakotas and Canada. Time permitting they chase storms around the world nearly anytime of the year. The chase season really doesn't have a true "beginning" or true "ending", so the Stormgasm chasers are ready to chase tornadoes, blizzards, floods, and hurricanes year round.

This is not your typical storm chasing website; it is a safe haven for hardcore storm chasers, as well as a welcoming place for all other weather enthusiasts. Stormgasm chases storms whether they occur in "tornado alley" or the United States. Supercells, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning, microbursts, rainbows, derechos, bow echoes, and a vast array of nature's beauty are captured on this site. Read Disclaimer. Click here for a definition of Stormgasm.

The Stormgasm team is a valuable source for weather warnings, education, research material, live interviews with local, national and global media outlets, and is a provider of photographs and video for a variety markets world wide.

Examples include: Jim Bishop and Simon Brewer helped the public by reporting the Prague, Oklahoma tornado which ripped through the eastern side of Prague on May 16, 2003. Simon and Jim gave live information via cell phone to the local ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City (Channel 5) reporting the tornados current location to meteorologist Rick Mitchel. This information was relayed to the local NWS office in Norman, Oklahoma. The night of May 9, 2003 Simon and Jim gave a live interview to The Weather Channel; reporting the latest positions of the mile-wide Oklahoma City tornado. The incredible video captured on June 24, 2003 in Manchester, South Dakota is being used by researchers at the University of Illinois to study tornadoes.

Stormgasm video has been shown on the following: ABC News, NBC, BBC, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN, Headline News, Univision, The Weather Channel, KOCO Oklahoma City, KTUL Tulsa, WKRN Nashville, KSFY Sioux Falls, and KETV Omaha. Interviews with Stormgasm have been broadcast on the following: CNN Headline News, The Weather Channel, KOCO Oklahoma City, KSFY Sioux Falls, and KETV Omaha. On May 9, 2003 Stormgasm provided live storm chasing interviews with Headline News and The Weather Channel while in pursuit of the Oklahoma City tornado. On August 29, 2005 during the landfall of Hurricane Katrina and on September 24, 2005 during the landfall of Hurricane Rita Simon Brewer gave multiple live interviews to the BBC, RTE (Irish Radio), and ABC Western Australia.


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