The Gustnado Footage!

Sample clip 0:10 min 0.2mb
Simon and I drove right into a large gustnado not long after that RFD really started kicking up dirt. The gustnado blew the car off the road, but don't worry, nothing serious or anything...we're fine!

Small, weak wall cloud

RFD finally shows itself

RFD kicking up some major dirt!

Massive wedge? Nope, rainshaft.


We followed this beautiful hp supercell east on state highway 160.

Jim and supercell

Amazing striations in storm above FFD.

Simon photographs scud by open field

Another gustnado formed just south of highway 160 near Argonla, KS. We shot video, then got east of it before it crossed the road.

Weak gustnado taken through a cracked windshield

Gustnado grows

Dirt feeding into massive mesocyclone

Rain foot

Sun shines through rainshaft

The storm became so incredibly rain wrapped, there was no point chasing it any longer. Plus, we were anxious to sell our gustnado footage to KOCO Channel 5 in Oklahoma City. On our way down I 35, we came across another supercell west of Bromen, OK. We knew another storm was in northern Oklahoma, but we didn't know it would be like this.

Space ship


The remains of a once weak wall cloud

What a beast!

Just a few minutes before it was too dark to see, and before the RFD plowed us, we saw two spectacular gustnadoes at the same time. They were to our SSE, maybe a mile away or less. One was rotating clockwise, and the other counter-clockwise. It was quite a site.


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