May 5, 2002 Texas Tornado

Simon & Tom's Tornadic Supercell

Happy, TX Tornadic Supercell

Weather Data

Well I (Simon) originally targeted an area just to the south of Amarillo, but I didn't have transportation this day, so I had to drag Tom Santillo, whom had transportation, out of his work to go. We left very late this day. By the time we left I had the plan of driving west to Sayre, OK and checking the radar just in time
to catch the closest supercell before the sun set. We arrived in Sayre to see the closest supercell was in the northeastern TX panhandle. So we hauled ass
to get there.

We drove west southwest on Route 60 in the TX panhandle and intercepted this awesome super cell near Glazier, TX. This storm had the largest Beaver's Tail I had ever seen. The first three pictures show the impressive flanking line and RFD clear slot.


Classic Supercell NE Texas Panhandle 

Updraft & RFD Gust Front


Wall Cloud & Developing Funnel


We took 2758 RD east of Glazier, but to do so we had to drive under the rapidly intensifying wall cloud. Shortly after getting ahead of the wall cloud a very large funnel formed and multiple vortices began touching down from underneath. The forth picture shows the bottom of the large funnel with rain curtains rotating with around it.

After we crossed into Oklahoma the large funnel began to tighten up and eventually touch down again as a large stovepipe tornado, but I was video taping and could not get stills when the condensation funnel was on
the ground. But I did get a few pictures of the tornado, even though the condensation funnel is not touching the ground there was still debris and a rotating dirt plume underneath.


Tornado & Dissipating Funnel 

This is a Tornado, however
there is no condensation
funnel on the ground.

Dirt and debris rotates on the ground


The tornado then began to rope out and eventually dissipated. Then we ran out of roads and were forced to go north. We caught back up to the storm and I took some nice lightening pictures. All of those lightening
bolts were striking down in front of the meso, which was producing a damaging tornado near ceiling only a few miles from our location. But none of the lightening bolts illuminated the underside of the meso, so I
could not see the tornado.

An awsome TX Panhandle and Oklahoma tornado, plus some nice lightening pics, can't argue with that.


Some Nice Lightning Shots 




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