First off, this whas a long trip. Our entire reasoning for even going was that we were somewhat confident that this storm system would be the last of our chase vacation. That offered a whole lot of motivation.

We left Norman around 9:45pm, and headed to our friend Sarah Jones' house in Wichita, KS. We ate there, looked at some weather data, and took a nap.

We left around 4:30 am, headed towards north eastern Wyoming. Everything was fine until we entered the Nebraska panhandle. From there, we a took a state highway that caused us to slow down for a town every 5 mintues, literally. So, it ended up taking us 3 hours to get through there.

There was much blowing dust this day with the roaring southerly winds, and hard to see. We crossed into Wyoming, and could see towers/storms to our south west. Unfortunately, they were just weak, outflow dominant storms formed off of uplsode winds.

We traveled further north, and encountered the storm(s) you see to the right. Rather depressing, we soon turned around and went home. But this time, we went straight through Denver, ended up driving all night, and took a nap next to a wheat field in southern KS around 11 am. We just knew we'd be chasing in that area that same day.

Upslope Storms in north eastern Wyoming 

Nebraska Flowers (Simon)




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