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Me (Simon) and Jim left Norman on this morning expecting
supercells to fire along a strong cold front in southwestern Kansas. We knew our only hope was to have the cold front stall, super cells fire along the
front, and then quickly move away from the front before they become outflow dominant. That is a lot to hope for, but that is exactly what happened!!!

We stopped at the Wellington, KS library for internet information and continued west to Dodge City, KS. After passing thru Medicine Lodge we saw cells firing along the cold front. We jumped on a cell just south of Dodge City, but the cell completely collapsed upon our arrival to its base. The cell quickly reorganized and developed a well defined rain free base and a solid FFD (shown by picture #3).


Supercell Forms Just South of Dodge City, KS 

Looking West

Developing Wall Cloud

Wall Cloud to our SE







We were forced onto dirt roads in order to stay with the now rapidly developing wall cloud. We were in great position until we ran out of roads. The RFD slammed us with dime and nickel hail and strong winds,
so we lost view of the wall cloud.


HP Supercell  

One hailstone like the
one on the right hit me
on the head!(Jim)

Money Shot


To catch the cell we had to go all the way up to Kinsley and then back down to Pratt. But along the way we saw an impressive rapidly rotating wall cloud north of Luka (shown in picture #8, which is just above the pic of Simon with a hail stone). We kept going south and then west through the town of Pratt, while the tornado sirens were blaring. We then drove south on a road near Cunningham and Cairo. On this road we saw a weak tornado form a half mile to our west. And before the tornado dissipated a brief landspout
formed a few miles to our south along the flanking line. (No pictures of tornado nor the landspout were taken, but got video.)


HP Supercell Intensifies 

RFD Gust Front






We drove east along dirt roads watching the storm pulsate. Around 7:30 or so the storm got very well organized with a nice RFD and large ominous wall cloud. At times we thought the storm was going to
produce a tornado, but it only form very nice funnel clouds. We then followed the storm until it became outflow dominant after dark.


RFD, Wall Cloud and Funnel

Developing Wall Cloud

Look at that Clear Slot!

Wall Cloud, RFD and Funnel

Developing Wall Cloud

Tightly Wound Meso




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