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The Intense Storm Leaves Us Baseball Sized Hail to Look at!

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We gassed up at Camp Houston, drove east a few miles and quickly encountered baseball-sized hail scattered on the road and in the grass. We love hail, especially large hail, and I think the statement on Jim's face demonstrates our excitement. Jim initially grabbed some racket ball-sized hail, but I quickly looked around and grabbed a hand full of baseball-sized hail. I slapped the baseballs in Jim's hand and
quickly took that great picture, and Jim did not even know I took the picture. After the hail we drove east on 64 and then north on N2370 RD following the supercell.


23:34 UTC

00:01 UTC

00:21 UTC

What a goofy look Jim has while holding baseball sized hail!

Among the smaller hailstones!

RFD obvious

RFD again

We sure like the RFD!

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