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2004 Tornado Highlight Video

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2004 Tornado Highlight


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Disclaimer: This video contains explicit language.

The 2004 Tornado Highlight Video is complete. After what can only be describes as an amazing chase season, we have compiled all our tornado footage into a 75 minute video. It features:

April 19 Texas Panhandle
Wow! After the days seemed like another waste we capture not one, but two wedge tornadoes. That's two great ways to start a tornado season right!

May 12 Kansas
This is the first in a series of tornado outbreaks that swept through the plains in May of 2004. Watch this unrelenting supercell produce tornado after tornado for a total of eight tornadoes in one day! It's tough to beat that...

May 16 Amelia, Nebraska
Watch this spectacular tornado emerge from the rain and track across the plains of Nebraska.

May 22 Wilber, Nebraska
This is unbelievable footage of the largest tornado ever recorded, an unprecedented 2.5 miles wide! The video stills do not give justice to the video. Then, watch a satellite tornado hit a building while we are inside!!! This is a MUST see!!!

May 29 Central Oklahoma
A graceful rope tornado skirts across central Oklahoma.

June 11 Central Iowa
See a classic Iowa tornado slowly move south in the distance. Also, some truly stunning coloration was captured on the second tornado we snagged as this gorgeous barbor pole tornado slowly crept its way across central Iowa.

June 12 South Central Kansas
The season came to an incredible end with two tornadoes in southern Kansas. Breathtaking video of a tornado near sunset was captured. A skinny, needle-like tornado later formed and persisted for several minutes, tossing trees and other debris in the air.




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