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Tornado Fest 2003!
June 24, 2003 Tornado Outbreak in South Dakota

This video captures the beauty, excitement and awe of five tornadoes that ripped through eastern South Dakota on June 24th, 2003.

Watch as Jim Bishop and Reed Timmer get 50 yards from the ¼ mile wide F4 tornado that destroyed the town of Manchester.

This video shows some of the closest footage ever taken of a large and violent tornado! Watch as the tornado suddenly turns towards Jim, forcing him to drive backwards as the tornado is inching closer to him. Then, a very sad image as the tornado unfortunately demolishes a house on the west side of Manchester. Fortunately, nobody was home at that time and there were no fatalities.
Tornado Fest 2003 also includes the intense Woonsocket, South Dakota F3 tornado.

Do you want to see tornadoes of all shapes and sizes?
Want extremely close and intense video?

Look no further! Tornado Fest 2003 is the video for you, with 55 minutes of tornado footage all on one tape. This will be the closest tornado footage you've ever seen! Tornado Fest 2003 is available on VHS for $19.95 and DVD for $24.95 (+$4 shipping inside U.S., $6 Canada, $10 outside U.S.).

Preview video: June 24 promo 2mb | sample clip 2 10.8mb

Only $24.95 on DVD

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