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By the time we were in good position for the supercell it was dying, but we saw a new cell developing to its west. We placed ourselves in great position to view one of the most amazing LP supercells I have ever seen. The supercell then turned into an HP, which became one of the most amazing HP supercells I have ever seen.

The supercell had good rotation and we thought we had a chance to get under the updraft before it moved off the caprock. As we were about to make our run through the main hail core on the southern end of the FFD we realized that we needed gas (REALLY NEEDED GAS)! So we were forced to gas in Crosbyton. While getting gas we discovered the supercell had picked up speed and had moved off the caprock, so we had to go SE to catch it. We placed ourselves in the vault of the supercell and watched it until it began to die. We then drove west to take some nice sunset pictures. After nightfall we drove home. Despite not getting a tornado on this day we still consider it to be one of the best chases of the spring. Anytime me, Jim, and Tom get to chase together as our three-man chase team it turns out to be a good chase even if it is a bust. It's all about the experience baby!

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Crosbyton Supercell, see from its SE. It had gone HP at this point.

LP that formed west of Crosbyton Cell, later in the day.

Well define vault

Storm turns classic

Quickly goes HP

Sun shines through rain shaft. (took this picture just barely before the sun became hidden.)

What a layer cake HP Supercell! (looking WSW)

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