Borah Peak, Idaho

August 12th - August 16th, 2008 Trip


August 12th, 2008 Simon and Anna, and their freinds Shawn and Brandon, toured the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains. The purpose of the trip was to successfully reach the top of Mount Borah, which is the tallest mountain/highest point in the State of Idaho at 12,662 feet. We then planned on doing some climbing/hiking in Grand Tetons National Park, then followed by some climbing in the Colorado Rockies.

Trips don't always turn out as planned, this one was no different; we did reach the top of Mt. Borah, we did arrive in Grand Tetons Nat. Pk., but we didn't do anymore climbing past Mt. Borah. We decided to skip climbing in Colorado for a one-day sprint through Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming. Like always, the pictures don't do justice to these beautiful places, but it's fun to try. Comments written by Simon Brewer.

Borah Peak: Part 1

Borah Peak: Part 2



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