March 30th, 2008 Western Oklahoma Supercells

March 30, 2008 Simon Brewer chased 2 supercells in Western Oklahoma and documented 2.5 inch diameter hail several miles south of Cloud Chief, OK.

The 2 pics on the right are looking west from several miles southeast of Corn, OK on a dirt road, which shows the beginning stages of the first supercell near Cordell, OK.

The pic on the left is several miles west of Rocky, OK looking southwest at a somewhat impressive mesocyclone structure (mostly RFD gust front shelf cloud in the picture). The pic on the right is large hail (1.5-2 inches in diameter near Rocky, OK).

The pic on the left is near Rocky, OK looking southeast at my hand holding a hailstone ~2.5 inches in diameter; this bad-boy stood out from the croud, which was mostly golfball-sized hail stones.

Pic on the right is near Rocky, OK looking at an old cigarette package I found on the side of the road, which I surrounded with large hailstones for to indicate size. Imagine seeing a report on the SPC or NWS, which says "hail reported the size of cigarette package".

I followed the storm east of Rocky on SR 55, but the updraft was undercut by outflow. The storm was still pulling in surface-based parcels, but there was outflow blocking anything directly under the updraft, so tornado possibilities were nill. The cell still looked good, so I decided to stay with it and see what happed when the low-level jet really kicked-in after dark.

The largest hail I found was slightly melted, but still a few stones I measured (with a ruler) at 2.5 inches in diameter several miles south of Cloud Chief, OK. I had to make some road choices and decided to go north of my storm and take SR 152 east to 281 and cut in front of the updraft at night. Well, I overshot the updraft 'big time' and ended up too far south, but it was pretty hazy and the lightning didn't really help to bring out nice wall cloud shots, so I went further south and took some mid-level shots and anvil lightning.


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