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Monday, 4 October 2010


Jim Bishop will be speaking at this year’s Tri-State Weather Conference on October 9 in Danbury, CT at Western Connecticut State University. Jim will talk about storm chasing — what it’s like to chase in the Great Plains every spring, and how technology has changed the hobby since he started chasing back in 1999. He will also share a couple minutes of storm chasing video to show just how crowded and dangerous it can be on the road near a tornado.

He and his wife, MaryLeigh, will be seated at the Stormgasm.com booth after the presentation. Any questions that anyone should have about storm chasing can be addressed then. Stormgasm.com tornado DVDs will also be available for purchase.

More information about the conference can be found here

Conference Description
The Third Tri-State Weather Conference will be held from 8am to 5pm on Saturday, October 9th 2010 in the Science Building on the mid-town campus of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. The conference is presented by the Meteorology Program at Western Connecticut State University and co-sponsored by the WestConn Student Chapter of the AMS, the New York City/Long Island Chapter of the AMS, NOAA/National Weather Service/Taunton/BOS, MA, NOAA/National Weather Service/Upton/NYC, NY. The purpose of the conference is to enhance education, professional development and communication among private and public sector meteorologists, researchers, educators, students, emergency management officials, and weather enthusiasts.

Third Tri-State Weather Conference Schedule

Saturday, October 9, 2010

8:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:00 Opening comments made by Joe Furry
9:10 President Schmotter’s remarks
9:15 Jason Dunion — Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Rapid Intensification in the North Atlantic
9:45 Albert Owino — Large Scale Circulations during the Atlantic Hurricane Season
10:05 Jim Bishop — Storm Chasing: Behind the Scenes
10:25 Kevin S. Lipton — A 16-year Climatology of Ice Storms in Albany’s County Warning Area / Two Recent Events
10:45 Break and Poster Presentation
11:10 Eleanor Vallier — Talbot — The Record Rain and Floods of March 2010: Southern New England’s WaterWorld
11:30 Lonnie Quinn — The Media’s Role in Severe Weather
12:00 Dr. Mel Goldstein — DAX, The Second Generation
12:30 David Stark — Microphysical evolution within winter snow storms over Long Island, NY
12:50 Lunch
1:30 Mike Erickson — Post-Processing Approaches That Make Ensembles More Usable to the Forecaster
1:50 Brian Soden — Hurricanes and Climate Change
2:30 Hayden Frank — Cause and Effect of Out of Season Snow Storms
2:50 Kerry Emanuel — Effect of the Lower Stratosphere / Tropical Transition Layer on tropical cyclones
3:20 Break and Poster Presentation
3:35 Brian J. Frugis — Preparing for the One inch Hail Transition
3:55 James P. Boyle — Measurement of Air-Sea Energy Transfer: Development of a Surface Contact Lagrangian Drifter
4:15 Matthew Scalora and Jeffrey Tongue — The 13-14 March 2010 High Wind Event.
4:35 Philip J. Klotzbach — The 2010 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season and Seasonal Hurricane Prediction
5:30 Departure

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  1. Can’t wait to see what Jim has created. It’ll be awesome, I’m sure. A lot of amazing speakers this year for the conference, too. I’m glad!

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