Aug 162010

Monday, 16 August 2010

August 12 Tornado in North Dakota rated EF3: Photo courtesy NWS Bismarck, ND

EF3 Tornado in North Dakota August 12, photo courtesy NWS Bismarck, ND

EF3 Tornado in North Dakota August 12, photo courtesy NWS Bismarck, ND


On Thursday, August 12, a violent tornado swept through Bowbells, a small town in northwestern North Dakota. One person was killed and one injured in their automobile Thursday evening, when the nearly quarter mile wide tornado crossed highway 52, east of Bobwells, carrying the automobile several hundred yards. The tornado is also responsible for severely damaging a home in the Bowbells area. The official rating of the tornado from the NWS damage survey team in Bismarck, ND is EF3.

Like a broken record, violent tornadoes continue occurring this summer across the northern plains. Each time I make a post like this, I wonder if this may be the last time until maybe the fall that I talk about a violent tornado again. Yet, these events just keep happening.

So, it’s reached the point where I’m wondering if the fall tornado season will be more active than normal. It’s clear we have been unable to break the summer pattern of violent tornadoes. And of all people I know occasional tornadoes are common in the late summer across the northern plains. But when you have multiple killer, violent tornadoes like we’ve had, it’s unusual, and representative of a large scale weather pattern.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this active weather pattern continues this fall. If it does, storm chasers may have an unexpected encore to what most consider one of the best spring storm chasing seasons of the decade.

- Jim

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