Apr 232010

Friday, 23 April

Saturday, April 24 looks like a classic tornado outbreak over the South/Mississippi Valley region (Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee).  In fact, the deep layer shear will be supportive of violent, long track tornadoes.

But there’s more where that came from.  We are entering a very active severe weather pattern, which began over the last couple days as shown by the tornadoes occurring over the Plains.  By mid and late next week (April 28-3) more tornado setups are expected, and this active severe weather pattern will persist through at least the first week of May.  Based on MJO movement and other guidance, I expect this active period of severe weather setups across the Plains to continue through around the second week of May.

  One Response to “Violent Tornadoes possible Saturday;more activity on the Horizon”

  1. wow this is truely an improvement! i thought that we might go until may before we got anything going, though i had a hunch that might be wrong. glad that i was too. hope you guys have some luck if you’re chasing this, and if not then mark you’re calendars for thursday, it looks like it could be a regional, significant tornado outbreak over OK and KS!

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