Apr 092010

Friday, 9 April

I do not expect the weather pattern across the Great Plains to be favorable for severe storms and tornadoes as we head into mid and even late April.  The weather pattern across the U.S. for mid and late April, using long range computer models, El Nino and other global factors, does not look good.  It appears like a ridge will become established over the northwestern U.S. into western Canada in mid April.  This will block most of the northern jet stream storm systems from the Plains, making the chase pattern inactive.  There will be periodic storm systems ejecting into Texas from the southern jet stream, which would provide some activity.  But it’s never good for storm chasers when a ridge develops over the northwestern U.S. into western Canada.

Usually, weather patterns last for 2-3 weeks before big changes occur, but not always.  Let’s hope things change around mid May to allow for a more active storm season over the Plains.

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