Jun 052013

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


In reviewing my footage of the El Reno tornado from May 31, 2013, I can across something that really caught my attention. While sitting on I-40 about three or four miles east of El Reno, I was shooting video of the massive 2.6 mile wide EF5 tornado to my southwest. In the video I zoom in on the wedge. A sub-vortex develops on the left. Then, a large piece of debris becomes visible, being thrown by the vortex from left to right at a 45 degree angle downward into the wedge tornado. This piece of debris is very large, though it’s difficult to say just exactly what it is. Whatever it is, it’s being tossed at will by the tornado and you can even see the large piece of debris spinning or rotating, having been forced by the sub-vortex.

I haven’t found the time to post a full chase account or to review everything. But I did want to put this slow motion video online. More to come very soon….



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