May 262013

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Better late than never. I finally had the chance to edit and post my tornado footage from May 19 in central Oklahoma. I was chasing along with Simon Brewer and Juston Drake, who were in a separate car. We also brought along Juston’s sister Mechel, who had never been storm chasing. We documented a rope/mutli-vortex tornado in Edmond, OK. Then the supercell produced a stovepipe that became a wedge near Carney, OK. The terrain wasn’t great but I managed to get some footage of both life cycles of the tornado.



Eventually the supercell became a HP beast and into an area with a poor road network. Thus, we decided to drop the storm and head south towards a new supercell southwest of Norman, OK. That storm soon produced a tornado that we documented near Dale/Shawnee Oklahoma from I-40.

Anyways, looking at this upcoming week, it appears the atmosphere will be primed for yet another series of severe weather events across the Great Plains. As usual, my free time is limited. So more on this later…



  2 Responses to “Video: May 19 Oklahoma Violent Tornadoes”

  1. Impressive chasing and videography. I appreciate how you maintained a constant amount of zoom throughout each segment, save for a few brief zooms to highlight the debris ball. (nothing drives me up the wall more than videos that zoom in and out, over and over, so that one never gets more than a few seconds to take in any particular view and be impacted by it!)

    As your videos demonstrate, both tornadoes matured into violent monsters. The rotation was impressive, and the upward motion visible in each funnel was incredible, to the point that I almost find it hard to believe that neither or these two tornadoes earned an EF-5 rating. I don’t know if any velocities were measured by the DOW, but I’d be curious to know what the numbers ended up being!

    I’ll dare to say that if it weren’t for the massively destructive killer tornadoes dominating the news the very next day and again on the 31st, these two tornadoes would still be the talk of the town within the storm chasing, spotter. and scientific communities today!
    I hope that you will be making this day’s two fruitful chases available for purchased on DVD/Blu Ray at some point in time!

    • Derek – Thank you for your kind words. I always try to keep the video steady and attempt to keep from zooming in and out too often. Both can be difficult during intense situations, and it usually involves seeing the tornado through the eyes of the viewfinder much more than through my own eyes!

      Yes, both the Carney and Shawnee/Dale tornadoes exhibited violent motion, indicative of a violent tornadoes. Though I think the Shawnee tornado was the more violent of the two. From what I witnessed, that tornado was (fortunately) most violent before it hit the residential areas of Shawnee. Had it hit well built structures while it looked most violent, it may have in that case been rated EF5.

      I do believe you are also correct that these two tornadoes — especially the Shawnee tornado — would have remained the top discussions among the chasing community due to their violent nature/appearance had the other violent tornadoes that followed days later not occurred.

      Again, thanks for your comments!

      - Jim

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