Mar 312013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well it seems mother nature is beginning the process of acknowledging spring – now that it’s almost April. So at least the trend is headed in the right direction. I’m referring to the marginal severe weather setups that have occurred over Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska over the past couple days, producing large hail and damaging winds. There were even a few tornado reports in Nebraska.

I’m kinda being sarcastic since all this pattern can produce is marginal garbage. But being serious for a moment – just seeing actual supercells on radar after the winter-like March we’ve had really helps to sort of mentally kick start the brain into storm chasing mode. What it really does is gets storm chasers excited about the upcoming season. After how slow March has been I can only imagine how anxious some chasers are right now to get out there during a big tornado setup.

But all joking aside, I do think the trend is headed in the right direction. The high latitude blocking that has brought such cold temperatures for nearly a month is weakening. Low level moisture over the Gulf of Mexico is recovering and April is almost upon us. Things will turn around before you know it and then we’ll all have a lot more to talk about.