Oct 292010

Friday, 29 October 2010

In a post from last week I mentioned how the Oct 22-28 period would provide at least a couple decent opportunities for chaseable severe storms and possibly tornadoes. I was focusing on the southern Plains, but really the overall pattern was setting up for severe events across the central U.S. While I wasn’t able to pinpoint the correct days, I was correct in saying there would be some good chase days. Below is a list of the severe reports from the Storm Prediction Center:


October 23: 1 Texas tornado and a few hail reports.

October 24: Several Texas tornadoes. One in Rice damaged several homes and businesses. Numerous hail reports.

Youtube video of the Rice tornado.
Youtube video from CNN of the Rice tornado.

October 25: Not much of a chase day, but numerous high wind reports and two tornadoes reported. One in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.

October 26: A major severe weather outbreak unfolded over the Ohio and Tennessee Valley. 52 tornado reports apear on the SPC reports page, with hundreds of high wind reports. Needless to say, this was a big event.

October 27: Numerous tornadoes reported across North Carolina and Virginia.


Now that the active period is over and we don’t have any severe storm setups lurking in the near future, you might start to wonder if that’s it for the Fall 2010 tornado season. It could be, but even November can sometimes bring a big event or two. A couple events come to mind. November 12, 2005 was a huge tornado outbreak in Iowa. In fact, I was chasing that day and shot video of the Gilbert, Iowa tornado! Another good event was November 10, 2002. That was a huge tornado outbreak in Ohio, Tennessee and Alabama.

So, I don’t think all hope is lost for more chase days this Fall. But I’m not holding my breathe as I don’t see any indications of anything happening in the next few weeks. As we move deeper into the Fall season, it’s going to become more and more difficult to find topics to discuss. When the weather is boring there isn’t much you can do about it. Hopefully there will be some winter weather to start talking about before too long…


- Jim