This chase started abruptly, to put it gently. Ok, it's 8am, and Simon's banging on my dorm room door, "Jim, there's storms outside, Jim, wake up!" My roomate was really pissed off, considering it was a Saturday. Anyways, we took off to the south, with hopes of catching a supercell that may form out ahead of the broken squall line that we were seeing to our NW.


Storms to the NW, but more to form further south. 

Storm to the NW

Hores shoe vorticy



When we arrived in Ardmore, we could see a few supercells that had either just formed, or just hadn't joined into the line just yet. Do to incoming low clouds, and many building cumulus, I was unable to take any really good shots. However, I was able to get a few shots of the anvils to these supercells.

Once the low clouds got in the way, we could no longer see anything. I'm assuming the supercells then did in fact join into the line. That squall line is what we stayed ahead of for quite some time.


Heading south on I35, we finally ran into some cells  



On the left and middle, you can see the underside of the anvile of one of the supercells that was off to our southeast. On the right, I tride to take a picture of hte flanking line of this supercell, but it didn't turn out very good. All of the three supercells that surrounded us briefly, formed into a damn squall line. We stayed ahead of it all the way to northeast Texas. Well crap, nothing ever formed ahead of the line. The lifting enhanced by the outlfow from the squall line just wasn't enough to break the cap. And man, let me tell you, towers were really tryingn hard to break that cap out ahead of the squall line. Nevertheless, the cap was too strong this time.





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