April, 2001 Turner Falls, OK Chase


Nothing like a nice broken squall line!

This was a strange chase day, a Sunday. Originally, we were going to chase in south-central Kansas. Well, for any of you who know anything about weather, you know that weather conditions can change very fast. Well, we got our buts out of bed really early to check the conditions, and went back to bed!

At around 12:30pm, Simon calls me, waking me up, and says conditions are looking good ahead of the squall line, which was in western OK. There was a brake in the clouds near Ardmore So basically, we thought an isolated supercell would form in that area. Oops, too bad. Instead, the squall line became a broken line, with imbedded supercells, one of which we caught. This one produced a couple short-lived wall clouds.

Horse shoe vorticy
with a tail.

Jim, standing in
front of a field.

Developing wall cloud

This is as good as the wall cloud got. But hey, it's from a broken squall line, so what the heck.



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