June 16, 2014

Burwell, NE Tornadoes

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer documented three tornadoes, one strong, near Burwell, NE on 16 June 2014. Early in the afternoon we were Southwest of Columbus, NE near a surface trough with dryline to our West. Both of these boundaries were associated with environments favorable for the development of cyclic tornadic supercell thunderstorms. We watched what would become the "Pilger Tornado Machine" develop nearby and move away to our northeast. We drove West and intercepted a powerful supercell thunderstorm that developed off the dryline near the town of Burwell. We documented three tornadoes with this storm.

Below area few images of the primary tornado from that supercell:

—16 June 2014 tornado northeast of Burwell, NE

(cone condensation funnel with ground circulation)

—16 June 2014 intensifying tornado northeast of Burwell, NE with lightning behind


—16 June 2014 strong tornado northeast of Burwell, NE

—16 June 2014 strong tornado in background & satellite tornado in foreground northeast of Burwell, NE


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