May 24, 2003

Pampa, TX Supercell
storm chasing

Simon, Mark and left Norman much later than I liked at first, but it worked out in the end. We headed west on I-40 towards the central Texas Panhandle.

We encountered a storm which we weren't actually sure whether it was a supercell or not. Whatever structure it contained, it didn't appear to be moving very quickly, if the storm had any forward motion at all. Just northeast of Pampa, TX, we got a pretty good view of what we could now call an hp supercell. It had pretty good structure, but we just heard from a friend in Norman that the storm had begun moving south. So, we re-positioned ourselves.

While heading south, we drove right through the core. We got pounded by golf ball sized hail as we entered the north side of Pampa, TX. Driving through town, the hail increased in size. There were scattered baseballs breaking on the street. This was all very exciting. Simon and I looked to our southwest through the rainshaft and saw what could have been a dissipating wall cloud. Whatever it was, this storm was now being forced to the southwest by intense outflow and was falling apart.






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