Storm Chasing: May 1, 2003 Muskogee Tornado

These photos were taken from the car on interstate/highway 69 headed northeast towards Muskogee, Oklahoma.

An actuall chase summary will be up at some point...but it was me (Jim) and my friends Aaron and Wally on this chase. Simon couldn't chase on this day.





These photos were taken at the intersection of highway 62 and 10 about 6 miles east of Muskogee, looking northwest.

The tornado lifted after becoming a nice stovepipe. A couple mintues later it touched down again as a slanted rope tornado just as outflow was undercuting the vortex, killing the tornado. But, not before it was able to destroy a mobile home.












Supercell has a large gust front, but is still trying to organize and produce more low level rotation as cool outflow continually undercuts any developing wall cloud.


My friends Aaron, Wally, and I (Jim) left Norman around 2:15 pm. We had seen the outflow boundaries in eastern Oklahoma and knew the CAPE was > 3000. The shear wasn't very good, but could support rotating updrafts. However, we knew the tornado threat would be there due to the outflow boundaries.


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