April 3 Greenville, TX Tornado

Tornadoes over North Texas

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer documented 2 tornadoes near Princeton and Greenville, TX on the evening of April 3, 2014. We began the day in Springfield, MO, because we had targeted the Southwest Missouri region the previous night. The setup had changed significantly and it appeared the greatest threat of tornadoes was near the DFW area in North Texas. We hauled it south-southwest and intercepted a large HP supercell near Princeton. A skinny cone shaped tornado developed on what appeared to be the RFD gustfront and we saw at least one powerflash from this brief tornado. A more significant tornado developed north of Farmersville and quickly became wrapped in rain as it moved east. We documented multiple powerflashes from this tornado as it moved north of Greensville. We also, documented powerflashes associated with the RFD directly behind our location over Farmersville.

—3rd April 2014 RFD gust front (middle & left) & rotating wall cloud (right) near Princeton, TX

—3rd April 2014 Juston Drake films rotating wall cloud & bowl funnel cloud (middle) north of Farmersville, TX




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