April 28, 2014 Mississippi Outbreak

Louisville & Columbus Tornadoes

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer documented three tornadoes and several supercells over Central and Northeast Mississippi during the afternon and evening of April 28, 2014. They followed a tornadic supercell from near Yazoo City/Midway, then another storm which produced a significant long track tornado over Louisville and then produced another tornado south of Columbus. A relatively strong 700mb inversion layer, especially for the Southeast, helped to give the supercell thunderstorm incredible striated structure. Below are a few images from the Louisville/Columbus supercell and tornadoes:

—28th April 2014 Mesocyclone & Wedge tornado approaching Louisville, MS

—28 April 2014 Rapidly Rotating Wall Cloud Southwest of Columbus MS


—28 April 2014 Juston Drake photographs striated RFD Gust Front Southwest of Columbus, MS

—28 April 2014 looking north at occluding mesocyclone & wedge tornado South of Columbus, MS

—28 April 2014 looking NNE at wedge tornado South of Columbus, MS


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