We knew this chase was going to be a very good one. The conditions were there, and the sun was out, shining brightly. All the conditions were there, but too bad our friend Tom couldn't make it this time.
Simon and I headed for Altus, OK at 9:30am. When we arrived, we went to their public library to use the internet. There, we found the dryline in western OK, near the TX border. We also saw building cumulus from Altus to the border. So, we got in the car, and drove a little further west on highway 62. I think we may have made it to Duke when we decided to stop, and watch the towers. It seemed that in the area we were in, convection was occuring.


Watching the towers between 1pm and 2:30pm 

Ahead, towers trying
to beat the shear.

Cumulus vorticy

Just another tower trying to take off.


Below, we are looking to the north, at a tower that suddenly took off. In fact, it put up a fight with the shear for about 30 minutes or so. The updraft would really kick off, but then the shear would completely destroy it. Then the updraft would try again. This cycle continued until it finally beat the shear, exploding into a great supercell. We followed it, but it never produced a tornado, nor much of a wall cloud. Oh, here's a tip for anyone out there storm chasing: If you're on the side of the road watching a storm, and you see a tractor approaching, DO NOT let it get in front of you! Simon and I made this mistake, along with 5 other chasers. For almost 10 minutes, we were going 15mph down a small country road, while the storm got ahead of us.

Simon, standing in front of the tower.

This was the first time I'd ever seen a full length rainbow so clearly.
This picture was taken just a couple minutes after the tractor finally

turned onto another road.





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