Storm Chasing: March 17, 2003 Tornado

Jim and Simon saw a multiple vortex tornado about twelve miles northwest of Mineral Wells, Texas at 4:20 pm central standard time. It was clearly seen and video recorded less than 200 yards west of the intersection of state highway 4 and the Brazos River.







Multiple Vortex Tornado Over Brazos River, 6 miles north of Palo Pinto, TX

We estimate the tornado was on the ground for about four minutes, however it is possible it lifted up and touched down again intermitendly while the ground circulation was not entirely visible. It may have been on the ground longer, but due to the number of trees, ground circulation couldn't be confirmed after four minutes. However, the sound of the tornado was present for approximatley four minutes.






Funnel cloud looking northeast on the east side of Mineral Wells, Texas sometime around 5 pm. Funnel cloud is being undercut by the rear flank downdraft.

Great supercell structure

Wall cloud over Mineral Wells, TX looking west

Hail/rain shaft and RFD gust front



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