A chase to remember

It was 4:45 and Simon, Tom and I were sitting by the side of the road just west of Weatheford, TX waiting for the first towers to take off.

It was looking like a real bust, so I decided to go to the restroom, and then go home. I came out to see Simon and Tom waving at me and pointing at the anvil that was now visible to the southwest! The chase was on.

So, we got in the car, and took off towards the storm.


The Anvil of the first Storm (5pm) 

Horse shoe vorticy

Crepuscular rays


As we got closer to the storm, it became apparent that we needed to either dart east, and get ahead of it that way, or go behind it, and cut around the south side.

Well, in the process, we saw some nice mammatus, and some pretty cool storm features.


As we got closer to the storm, we could se mammatus.

Tower to the N


We ended up driving, from the north, into the back side of the storm, into the rear flank gust front. Saw a great arch cloud. We got out ahead of the storm, and due to terrible road networks, had to go back the same way we came, in order to not drive through the rain wrapped meso. In this process, we drove through some very heavy hail. Mostly quarter sized, but some possibly golf ball sized. Car was sratched a little, that's about it.


It's Always nice to see a Rainbow, and hail. 


Hail covers the road


There's Jim taking a picture

Hail on the side of the road. Most of it was quarter size, but I'm sure there were a few golf ball sized ones nearby.


On the way back, we were basically surrounded by isolated classic supercells. Of course, it was dark, so no pictures. But, some incredible updraft lightning strikes, and some anvil crawlers. We could see the stars inbetween the supercells. Absolutely amazing.



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