Feb 20, 2014 Memphis Supercell

Tornado-Warned Storm over Memphis, TN

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer documented a tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm over Memphis, TN. This day had an obvious forecast, but with two targets hundreds of miles apart. One region expected to get supercells and possibly tornadoes was over Illinois, the other over the southern Mississippi Valley. It was a difficult decision, but we decided to go after the southern target. We took a position in Northwest Mississippi. A line of cells fired to our west over Northeast LA and eastern AR, some of the cells were developing short-lived mesocyclones. We intercepted a more isolated supercell with a wall cloud over Memphis, TN. The storm showed decent structure, but was having problems with instability. Several tornadoes developed in the northern target. A supercell and wall cloud wasnt too bad of a severe storm chase to begin 2014.

—20th February 2014 supercell thunderstorm structure over Memphis, TN



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