October 9, 2001 Supercells

We left late and caught a supercell near Foss Lake, OK. We stayed on that cell and moved southeast.

We caught another cell on the north side of Arapaho, OK. From there we could see the updrafts of the Cordell Tornadic Cell and the Hobart Tornadic Cell. We saw two tornadoes on our cell,and then saw some awesome mammatus and a nice sunset near Hinton, OK.


Began Chase with Foss Lake Supercell 

Elk City Tornadic

Anvil From Foss
Lake Storm


Foss Lake Wall Cloud








Rotating Wall Cloud/Funnel Over Foss Lake (continued) 

New wall cloud after foss lake storm merges with other storm.




Rotating Wall Cloud/Funnel Over Lake 

Hail in FFD of Elk City

Cordell & Binger Cells


Binger Supercell to the South

Elk City Supercell

Cordell Tornadic Supercell to the SE

Binger Supercell

Binger Supercell

Cordell & Binger Storms




Barely Photographically Visible Tornado, but Jim's First! 

Southwestern side of wall
cloud, looking NE.

Remnance of
Weatherford tornado

Brief Tornado behind & right of trees.

Binger Supercell to the South.



Headed closer to the Binger Supercell, geting great photos along the way. 

Tornadic Binger Supercell





Spectacular Mammatus from the Binger Storm! 




This Storm had a Great Updraft 








A Great Chase Ended with a Nice Sunset 



Radar Images




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